Business development is impossible without effective cash flow management. High competition and tax burden force us to find ways to minimize costs, thanks to competent financial management. One of the tools that give new opportunities is the opening of an offshore company.

What is offshore company?

The term “offshore” refers to the territory or country that provides favorable conditions for doing business. These are usually low taxes or their absence, the opportunity for a business owner to remain incognito and much more. Favorable business conditions provided by offshore attract investors from all over the world.

Opening an offshore business owner gives a number of advantages:

  • low tax rates – offshore states completely or partially exempt a business from taxes, most often only a fixed fee is paid to the budget;
  • avoidance of double taxation – you can open an offshore company in a country with more loyal fiscal conditions (with which a double taxation treaty has been signed), thereby falling under the jurisdiction of an offshore company and using a profitable tax system;
  • the purchase of a company – you can avoid many troubles and open a company in the offshore “turnkey” zone with the help of our company, getting a ready-made company in an offshore country;
  • ensuring confidentiality – the ability to use nominee founders, while managing the company remotely;
  • opening an account in a foreign bank will allow you to store money in a reliable foreign bank and manage foreign exchange earnings;
  • A number of countries do not require reporting, which simplifies doing business;
  • An offshore company becomes subject to international law, which provides certain advantages and protection.

Registration of offshore companies

To open an offshore company, you must select the country, the business conditions in which is suitable for your company. Next, select the name and provide the documents for registration. The procedure can be performed remotely, but it takes time to validate the data and complete the procedure itself. Contact us at, we will be happy to provide you with detailed advice and give new opportunities for your business.

The easiest way is to buy ready-made offshore companies. We provide the opportunity to acquire a firm “turnkey”, which is registered in one of the offshore states. This service will save a lot of time and provide an opportunity to use the advantages of an offshore company as soon as possible. For example, you can get all the necessary documents and provide them to your partner for the conclusion of the contract.

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